Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Letter To Editor-in-Chief Metroland Media East Ryland Coyne (July 4, 2017)

Letter To Editor-in-Chief Metroland Media East Ryland Coyne (July 4, 2017)

Ryland Coyne

Metroland Media:

This is the story! What kind of reporting is this? The gallery was full the night in question and anyone and everyone who has been paying attention to what is going on with this dysfunctional council knows full well that the real story that evening had nothing to do with a basic legal opinion council was given confidentially in writing prior to the commencement of the May 23rd council meeting.

There was several events or issues that were the highlights of the June 27th meeting.

One highlight being the lack of respect by council for the mayor and his request for information. A second highlight was when Councillor Fritz made a public statement on the confidential letter in question. A third highlight was when Councillor Fritz asked that a confidential in-camera item on the agenda be discussed in public. A fourth highlight was when the Deputy Mayor exploded in a verbal tirade regarding standard procedures. A fifth highlight was when the Deputy Mayor walked over to the press and told them not to report his outburst. There were many public witnesses to this outburst and media manipulation by the Deputy Mayor, not to mention the reporters in question from the different media outlets.

Why are these highlights not being investigated and reported on by each respective reporter from the different media outlets?

I cannot believe that the Deputy Mayor can blatantly control and suppress news and the reporters haven’t got the will or integrity to report these types of facts and outbursts to the community that both the newspaper and the Deputy Mayor serve.

It is now obvious that the relationship between the media and the Deputy Mayor is corrupt and lacking media ethics, accountability, objectivity, and accuracy.

The question is: What will it take for Metroland Media to provide honest objective coverage of municipal matters in Carleton Place?